About Us

We at RubberChem foster and build onto relationships with all stakeholders. We focus on customer service and customer satisfaction, by placing all our customers at the centre of our business. Quality is what drives us and all our processes, systems and management structure are quality approved to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our business, by maintaining our growth plans and simultaneously expanding our footprint in South Africa.

The products that are supplied by RubberChem to the local South African market are sourced internationally from well-known and established chemical manufacturers. All products under the RubberChem portfolio have been tested and proved to ensure its efficiencies and effectiveness. These products are of the highest quality and are backed by both RubberChem and our international principals.

Our current distribution network consists of warehouse facilities in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. This allows us to supply customer demands sooner, with a tighter control over operational activities. However, our reach extends beyond our warehouse locations, as we are able to supply customers in the most remote of areas in South Africa through an established transport network.